5 August 2017, 8pm | Malay Heritage Centre | Reserve your seats now at

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An Original Opera rich in Traditional Cultures showcasing

Ruan (阮), Traditional Javanese Vocal and Indian Dances accompanied with 15-piece Gamelan Ensemble


Composed and performed by

Neil Chua, Peni Candra Rini, Zachary Chan


Bhaskar's Arts Academy, BronzAge Gamelan, Gamelan Asmaradana & Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble


Deep in the Lost Ocean, the Mother of the Ocean ruled with no prejudice, treating all things living or dead as equal but she was all alone for centuries. Knowing she was pregnant, she does not want her child to suffer the same fate as her. She wants her child to experience what the world has installed for the humans – their emotions. With a painful heart, she blessed her only child with a pair of human legs and gave her to an old couple. The Mother of the Ocean named her child Lana, which means Light and bid her goodbye.


Lana lived happily with the old couple, helping them by making paper lanterns for sale. It is said that anyone who purchased the paper lantern made by her and lit it at the shore will be blessed with a safe voyage. News spread and soon drew the curiosity from the Prince of the Land who quickly set sail from his royal palace to catch a glimpse of the girl in the myth. As the Prince’s royal fleet approaches, Lana saw Prince in command and was immediately mesmerized by the Prince’s charm. They fell in love.


A rival lantern maker who he was secretly in love with Lana became jealous and soon grew angry. He spread poisonous rumours about Lana and very soon, The King of the Land ordered Lana to be captured and burnt alive. Hopelessly, the old couple prayed to the Mother of the Ocean for help. She heard their plea and was furious. She sent a huge wall of water towards the land, destroying everything on its path.


Lana wept and beg for mercy. Seeing her only child so helpless, The Mother of Ocean asked Lana if she was willing to give up her legs in exchange for the safety of the people on the land including those who had done her harm? Without a second though, Lana said yes. Touched by Lana’s unbiased kindness, she stopped the second wave.  As Lana departs, her tears turned purple and fell onto her legs. A bolt of purple lightning strikes and Lana’s legs transformed into a beautiful tail with purple fins. Lana gave the Prince a final kiss and she dived into the deep water.


People soon learnt the truth. As they reflect their wrongdoings, Lana continued to bless the people on the Land but alone, she wept endless tears for the Prince and the old couple for her pain and suffering are her greatest gifts for the people on the land.  A gift from the Daughter of the Ocean for peace and harmony.