Ruanatworkz musical arts (R.a.w.)





Ruanatworkz Musical Arts (R.A.W.) is a social enterprise member of The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE).

Ruanatworkz Musical Arts aims to promote the rich history of ancient Chinese instrumental music and showcase traditional instruments (eg: ZhongRuan 中阮) to the musical art scene through education, performances and creative interactions.

Formed by a group of young traditional instrumental music lovers, R.A.W. aims to create awareness and bring continuity to the traditional instrumental music amongst the local communities especially the young. We aim to conserve and rejuvenate the culture by organizing performances, lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops and other events and activities.

Ruanatworkz Musical Arts aims to develop a community that we will bring our rich traditional music, with a modern touch, to the hearts of local communities and through generations to come.


Social Mission:

1.              To promote instrumental music and other forms of musical arts.

2.              To educate and advocate musical arts.

3.              To contribute to the musical community.