Neil Chua - Ave Maria (ft. Cheah Xueqi)

The famous “Ave Maria” is a curiosity in music history—a musical collaboration between two great composers whose lives did not overlap. It is a song whose melody was written 130 years later than its accompaniment!

Here is unique combination of the Neil Chua's Ruan featuring Cheah Xueqi on the Piano. 

Neil Chua - Eternal Sorrow Of Lin An 临安遗恨 (ft. Doreen Chitra)

Based on the traditional music "Man Jiang Hong" which depicts the Southern Song Dynasty hero Yue Fei being framed by a traitor and imprisoned in Lin An. This piece is about his emotions on the eve of his execution, the anxiety, his worries for his family, his disappointments and helplessness. 


Neil Chua - The Sword 劍器 (ft. by Priyadarshini)

Composed by Xu Chang Jun based on Tang Dynasty Poet Du Fu. ‘The Sword’ depicts a sword dance by Mdm Gong Sun, which illustrate the legendary Huo Yi shooting down the nine suns. Filled with thunders and lightings yet in the eye of the storm it is as gracious as the flying dragons.

本曲是作曲家徐昌俊根据唐代大诗人杜甫《观公孙大娘弟子舞剑器行》诗意而作。乐曲描绘诗中“霍如羿射九日落,矫如群常骖龙飞,来如雷霆收震怒,罢如江海拟轻光” 的气势和意境。

Sesaji Segoro - Daughter of the Ocean by Lion and Moon Lady (Excerpt)

A mythical love story about the Daughter of the Ocean and the Prince of the Land. Forbidden by Moon Goddess and Great Lion, they neglected their duties as the world they ruled crumpled. Covered in tears, she left the Prince and gave up her love for peace and harmony.

40th Klang Music Festival - 40届巴生歌乐节

A snippet of Neil Chua's performance in his hometown during the 40th Klang Music Festival where he performed a solo piece named - The Sword (剑器)and had the chance to invite 3 of his best friends Ms. Ong May Yu, Mr. Raymond Choo and Mr. Lam Zi Peng to perform 2 other pieces, Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (菊花台) and Tuesday Gathering (周二的聚会).