Night Walker – 夜行者

15 DEC 2018, 8.00PM

Stamford Arts Centre, Blackbox, 155 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187962

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An initiative of the National Arts Council Traditional Arts Residency at Stamford Arts Centre by Neil Chua


A theatrical recital which explores the uncanny relationship between the past, the present and the future of Ruan (阮) with a troubled composer – Neil Chua. The frustration of his creative process; the difficulties he faces on a daily basis; and the psychological impact of mental blockages are tastefully represented through the clever usage of space, sound and light. Night Walker – 夜行者 also demonstrates the external influences of a creative neighbour sharing the same space yet separated with a thin layer of wall. Portrayed by Syafid Halid, his experimental music will play a significant role in both their living spaces. A mystery character depicted by Bala Saravanan Loganathan will transit between these spaces throughout the 5 different stages of the night (五更) as he witness the emotional state of each sleeping cycle.

Night Walker – 夜行者cuts across 3 genres of art forms exploring the effects of how human daily lifestyle can affect the quality of sleep and how it is correlated with the Rise, Fall and Reborn of Ruan (阮).  Each sleeping cycle cleverly depicts the different stages of the history of Ruan (阮) from discovery to rise-to-fame; from jealousy to inner battle with oneself (self-doubt); to the fall from grace (depression) and lastly, to reborn to the breath of freedom.

Conceptualized by Artistic Director Neil Chua with Creative Director Lim Chin Huat, Night Walker - 夜行者 is a cross-disciplinary presentation which redefine how traditional music are presented yet preserving the essence of each culture.

Note: This is a work-in-progress piece and will feature only the first 3 scenes.


NEIL CHUA | Artistic Director, Ruan Instrumentalist

Neil is the first and youngest musician in Shanghai Conservatory of Music to receive a Master Degree in Music - Ruan (阮). His ability to bond different cultures into his music led to an invitation to participate in the highly acclaimed international music exchange programme OneBeat 2014 organised by the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to interact, educate and promote Ruan (阮) to students and musicians from around the world.

His passion for cultural music also earns him a place in Cello Maestro Mr. Yoyo Ma’s Silkroad’s Global Musicians Workshop where globally minded musicians engaged in learning from one another’s traditions and incorporating them into their own artistic voices. His dedication to the traditional arts led him to be the first artist-in-residency for the inaugural National Arts Council Stamford Arts Centre Traditional Arts Residency Programme.

Neil is also the Founder of RuanAtWorkz Musical Arts (R.A.W.), a Society which promotes traditional culture, music, art and other form of traditional values.


SYAFIQ HALID | Collaborative Electronic Sound Designer

Syafiq Halid graduated with a Diploma in Sonic Arts from Republic Polytechnic. He has performed in numerous events and productions throughout his performing arts endeavour since he was 13 years old. Started as one of the pioneer members in Nadi Singapura Ltd, Syafiq believes in developing his internal boundaries constantly. His personal work revolved around his own imagined style from percussions, samples, sound and electronic music.  

Syafiq's latest work was NGOPI by P7:1SMA, which he played both roles as a sound designer and a performer. Followed by, Kaizen X Sound Lab by The Kaizen M.D. where he was one of the main artists. In SERENTAK 2: ‘Not Much Of Us Left’, an annual program which presented by Nadi Singapura Ltd, he was a show director. Early in 2017, Syafiq successfully passed the prestigious and highly competitive Ableton Certified Trainer Program in Hong Kong, becoming the first and youngest ever Ableton Certified Trainer in Singapore.

Syafiq also completed the Music Foundation Program in Ableton Live at Dubspot Online in 2016.



A dancer who willingly takes on the challenge of any role – even portraying a woman in a recent Therukkoothu work – Bala has blossomed into a strong, intelligent and mature dancer since Yaatra (2014).

In a genre where male dancers are a rarity, Bala's love for Bharatanatyam started at a very early age. That spurred him to start classes at Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society, Bhaskar's Arts Academy's teaching wing, where he was trained by the late V Rajandran.

He continued his training in Nrityalaya under Neewin Hershall and is now a student of Ambujah Thiru. The brief hiatus to serve the nation fuelled his passion further, and made him a determined and confident dancer. He returned to the dance scene with Singai Sathir (Jun 2018) and gave a more than commendable performance in Manohra (Sep 2018).  

Creative Director



A cross-disciplinary arts practitioner who has over two decades of experience in capacities as creative director, choreographer, visual artist, performer, dancer, production designer, mentor and educator.

In particular, Chin Huat is known for his stunning visual creative theatrical works with multi-disciplinary, site-specific, installation, outreach and non-conventional in nature. Prior to being an independent arts practitioner, Chin Huat had worked with Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble (1990-1996), and later, as co-founder and artistic director with ECNAD (1996-2013). Some of his signature and collaborative works were seen and presented locally and overseas with arts festivals, arts companies, cultural centres and special events. A recipient of Young Artist Award (2000), Professional Artist Grant (1999) and a nominee for the Spirit of Enterprise Award (2004), Chin Huat also holds double Diplomas in Dance and Fine Arts from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

On top of his interdisciplinary creative works, he is currently faculty of movement at Intercultural Theatre Institute since 2015.

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